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Mayo Clinic “Rhoni” :60 TV

Taco Bell “Border Lights I” :30 TV

Comcast “Mistakes” :30 TV

Hyundai “Smartest Of Both Worlds”

:15 TV

Hyundai “One Of The Smartest”

:15 TV

Mayo Clinic “Benny” :60 TV

MD Anderson “New Logo” 5:00

Corporate Video

We Are Texas Apparel “Sunset” :15 TV

Taco Bell “Border Lights II” :30 TV

UnderWater World “Holding Your

Breath” :30 TV

Comcast “Suspicious” :30 TV

Continental Airlines "What Does It Take?" :60 TV

Continental Airlines “The More We Listen” :60 TV

MD Anderson Cancer Center “History”

:60 TV